Why Private Developers Play an Essential Role in the Construction Field?

Explore Land Pooling Policy:

However, the minister said everything was already done in RERA which comes in 2017. This new policy is to gather lands to plot and makes homeowners to construct resident with essential facilities which include sewage system, water supply, and drainage and etc. It also includes major roads and transportation. It allows owners to create homes in a specific ratio. Land pooling policy helps people to develop property in good infrastructure.

The new land pooling policy is applicable in urban areas of Delhi such as 95 villages in different zones which include J, K-I, L, N, and P-II. All these villages are confirmed as an urban area in section 507 in the act of Delhi municipal council and development area in sector 12 in 1957. It offers the opportunity to property owners to create resident in Delhi with essential facilities. So, register your land under the policy before going to develop the resident.

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